Istanbul Airport lounge: how to get in and what you will find.

New Istanbul Airport opened in October 2018, together with the Istanbul Airport Lounge. As an international hub with rapidly growing traffic, many people have long layovers and lounge access is something many people are looking for. Making use of the lounge myself, I often see many people cueing to get in without prior reservation. In this article I will explain how to make sure to get in, and what you can do once inside.

Istanbul Airport (IST) has two lounges: the IGA lounge and the IGA sleepod. Both lounges are open 24 hours a day and can be accessed with either a membership trough priority pass and several credit card providers such as American Express, or a one-off fee.

Where is Istanbul Airport Lounge?

IGA lounge is the main lounge of Istanbul airport. It is located airside and can be found easily in the international departures terminal by turning left after passport control, and keeping an eye on the “Lounge” signals. Turn left following the signage and go one floor up with the escalator (there is also an elevator right behind it). To your right you will see the lounge, right next to the Skyteam lounge (which is only accessible to business customers of a few specific airlines). Look for the IGA lounge logo as below.

Istanbul Airport Lounge
Istanbul Airport Lounge

IGA sleepod is not your typical lounge, unlike the IGA lounge, there is no food (just small snacks and water) and it consists of sleeping pods for the ones with the need for napping on a longer layover. It is also located airside, near gate C, D and E. This lounge will be discussed in more detail in a later article.

How to enter Istanbul Airport Lounge?

You simply head over to the desk, and check if your credit card is being accepted, or if you are in the possession of a lounge access card such as Priority Pass. If not, you will pay a one-off fee which will grant you 3 hours of access.

Istanbul Airport lounge: how to get in and what you will find. 1

What is the cost of getting in Istanbul Airport Lounge?

The cost of entering Istanbul Airport Lounge is 59 euros for both adults and children. While this is not cheap, please remember that a meal in any international airport can pose a similar fee. For people travelling several times a year, a Priority pass subscription will easily be a cheaper option with a yearly fee depending on the subscription chosen. This will grant you lounge access in hundreds of lounges all over the world for you and one extra person, making your travels much more comfortable while you will not pay for food and drinks on the road anymore. In the end, for regular travellers you will save significant money on the road.

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How long can I stay in the Istanbul Airport Lounge?

The standard time to stay in IGA lounge is 3 hours, which will normally be enough for some relaxation, a drink, tea or coffee, and a good meal.

How good is the Istanbul Airport Lounge?

Our short answer is: Istanbul Airport Lounge is a very good lounge. There are many facilities to relax, showers, clean toilets, good food, a smoking terrace, drinks, and a relaxing atmosphere. The staff is friendly, professional and attentive and its location good.

Istanbul Airport lounge: how to get in and what you will find. 2
The pool table, bar and smoking terrace in IGA lounge

There are even facilities such as showers, a pool table, a small duty free and much more. Keep in mind that Istanbul Airport is a very big airport, so head over to your departure gate early enough to make it on time. Some gates can be a 25 minute walk from the lounge due to the sheer size of the airport. There is a screen which will indicate the average walking time to your departure gate.

How is the food in Istanbul Airport Lounge?

The food is of high quality and there is a variety of choices, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Salads, rice, meat and smaller Turkish dishes can be taken from the buffet area. There is no limit to as much you can eat, however remember not to take more than you can eat in times of food shortages.

Istanbul Airport lounge: how to get in and what you will find. 3

Last but not least

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