Bounce luggage storage vs. Radicalstorage: which one is best?

A layover, some hours before checking into your flight, big shopping bags or other situations where you have to store your luggage: Bounce luggage storage and Radicalstorage can save your day. But what do they do? What is the difference between the two? Which one is best in terms of usability and price? In this article we will discuss the main differences between the two biggest luggage-storage players on the rise.

What do Bounce luggage storage and Radicalstorage do?

Both companies are providing an extremely convenient service: they provide a network of locations in a vast number of cities, airports and train-stations all over the world. When you walk around and want to get rid of your suitcase, or big purchases to freely walk around town, they are there to help you.

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Before starting this comparison, we can already conclude that both are very similar, reliable and offer an extremely convenient service. Instead of dragging around bulky luggage and spending hours in a single coffee place, missing out on some extra sightseeing between flights, you can actually get rid of your things and make use of your time with the peace of mind that your luggage is safely stored in a easy-to-reach location.

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The following is an objective comparison in terms of price, availability, ease of use and security between the two storage providers, followed by our conclusion.


Both providers allow you to pay in-app of trough the website with all major payment methods.

Bounce luggage storage:

Bounce luggage storage fees are transparent at the time of booking and vary per location. All charges apply for a 24-hour time period from the start of rental. For example:

  • Barcelona: 5 EUR per bag per 24h
  • New York: 5.90 USD per bag per 24h
  • London: 5 GBP per bag per 24h
  • Phoenix, USA: 7.90 USD per bag per 24h
  • Dubai: 35 AED per bag per 24h
  • Bangkok: 100 THB per bag per 24h

Though bounce luggage storage is displaying their prices in the local currency everywhere, we can conclude the pricing is between 5 and 8 USD/EUR per 24 hours on average with few exceptions.


Radicalstorage charges per bag per day (from 00:00 till 23:59).

  • Barcelona: 5 EUR per bag per day
  • New York: 5.90 USD per bag per day
  • London: 5 GBP per bag per day
  • Orlando, USA: 7 USD per bag per day
  • Dubai: 25 AED per bag per day
  • Bangkok: 100 THB per bag per day

In conclusion both providers use very similar, if not the same pricing model.


Both Bounce and Radicalstorage use a network of providers to facilitate your luggage storage.

Bounce luggage storage:

Bounce luggage storage is available in more than 1000 cities in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Latin America, Central America, the Middle east and Africa. They are active in almost any main city in these continents, and many smaller ones. They have many locations in individual cities, airports, train stations and transit points.


Radicalstorage is available in 500 cities, and may cover some smaller cities, more centered around Europe. They are active in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, America, Asia, and Africa. It is worth noting that in for example Spain, they are active in 62 cities at the time or writing. They have many locations in individual cities.

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Ease of use

A few points to note:

  1. For both providers not all storage points are open 24 hours, though many are. This is very important to pay attention to when booking, as your flight or plans may require this. Luckily the system will not allow you to book your drop-off or pickup outside the opening hours of the drop-off point.
  2. Both providers offer an app to make booking easier, which is especially useful when you are a frequent traveller. Your reservations will be in one place and with one click you will be able to navigate to your storage point.
  3. For both providers the process is extremely straight forward, but for te sake of the review we will outline the basics below.

Bounce luggage storage:

Bounce luggage storage uses many stores such as souvenir shops, hotels and other places in their network to provide their storage solution. They have no size restriction regarding your items stored. Cancellation is always free up to the planned start of the storage rental.

The process is very simple:

  • You search the location nearest to you
  • You book your space
  • You head to the store, and show the QR code
  • They will securely store your luggage
  • You pick up your luggage with the same QR code
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Radicalstorage uses a network of partners (stores and other facilities) which they conveniently call “angels” (which, to be fair, they are if they can help you get rid of your 20kg luggage with one barely functioning wheel in the burning sun). There is no size restriction as to the items stored. Cancellation is not free, all reservations are non-refundable.

The process is pretty simple:

  • You locate your storage of choice
  • You book your storage trough the app or website
  • You head over to the location, show the QR generated by the system to the “angel”
  • They will securely store your luggage
  • You pick up your luggage with the sam QR code
Bounce luggage storage vs. Radicalstorage: which one is best? 2


As mentioned above, all locations for both providers are carefully picked and audited for both providers. They also both offer insurance for your bags as mentioned below.

Bounce luggage storage:

Bounce luggage storage offers a 10.000 USD insurance coverage for your stored items, in the unlikely case something happens to your items.


Radicalstorage, besides using secure and guarded locations, is offering an optional 3000 USD insurance coverage on each bag in the unlikely case something happens.


Pricing: both are very similar, though Bounce has a slight edge as they charge for 24 hours from the moment you start your storage, and Radicalstorage charges for a day (00:00 till 23:59).

Availability: This is a draw. Though Bounce has almost double the locations, it really depends where you are. For example, Bounce is available in more cities, yet in your city you may have Radicalstorage available and no Bounce and vice versa.

Ease of use: Both are easy to use, though the flexible cancellation policy of Bounce gives you a little more freedom, though not many will use this, it can be conveinient.

Security: A draw. Both seem to have taken great care of their choice of locations and offer a good insurance package. Though its unlikely you may have to use it, the insurance of Bounce storage may cover more.

Overall: Both are offering a great service at good value, and we are choosing Bounce luggage storage only because of minor items such as cancellation terms and insurance. Depending on availability and your location, we recommend downloading both apps and using either bounce or Radicalstorage to make your travels more comfortable!

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Click here to book luggage storage space with Bounce, Click here to book with Radicalstorage.

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