Can I check in with a picture of my flight ticket? Do I need to print?

Is a picture of my flight ticket sufficient to check in? With post-pandemic air travel recovering rapidly, many travellers are getting back into the hassle of arranging their travels as smooth as possible. Many people are still printing their tickets, walking around the airport with messy paperwork causing delays at the check-in desks. Is this still necessary in 2023?

In this article we will discuss:

  • Checking in with a picture of your flight ticket
  • Boarding and security with a picture of your flight ticket
  • Can I still print my flight ticket?
  • Booking your flight

Checking in with a picture of your flight ticket.

In virtually all cases, any picture of your flight ticket will do. In most cases, if you know your destination and head to the correct check-in desk in the airport just your passport or ID-card will even be sufficient. May any problem arise, the confirmation email or a simple screenshot or even a picture will do the job. The “PNR number” should be visible, but again: They will have this in their system if your booking came trough properly. This also applies to your baggage allowance and all other facilities booked ahead.

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Boarding and security with a picture of your flight ticket.

Important point to note for the less experienced travellers, there is a difference between booking a flight and checking in:

  • Booking a flight, means that you have bought a ticket, and you need to check in in order to obtain your boarding pass. Without a boarding pass, you will not be able to access the airside part of the airport (the area beyond security checks).
  • Checking in, means that you have done everything needed before your flight. This means you have dropped your luggage (if you booked any), and obtained your boarding pass. To drop off your luggage (not being hand luggage) you will always have to proceed to the baggage drop-off or check-in counter, even if you have already checked in online. Checking in can be done online via the website of the airline, ticket broker or the mobile app. In the airport you can check-in with the check in machines, or at the check-in desk or baggage drop-off counters.
Can I check in with a picture of my flight ticket? Do I need to print? 1
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This means that no: You cannot enter airside with a picture of your flight ticket, but you will be able to check-in at the desk (even with just your passport or ID depending on your destination).

However: you will be able to access airside and board your flight with a picture of your boarding pass. This can be as simple as screenshotting the QR code obtained with mobile check-in and showing it to the security officers at the security check and later to the staff at the boarding gate. Most airlines allow you to add your boarding pass to google/apple wallets, having them ready at any time. A check in desk will also always provide you with a paper copy of your boarding pass.

Can I still print a picture of my flight ticket?

Yes, of course you can. The same applies to your boarding pass. Especially if you are not confident with your mobile device or its battery lifetime, a printed flight ticket can give the certainty that you will be able to provide proof of booking at the check-in desk. However it is absolutely not a requirement.

Booking your ticket?

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